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The Internet as an experimental laboratory for behavior analysis

A proposal for experimental procedure involving the use of the Internet as a laboratory for analysis of human behavior. Methodological considerations and impacts to the security and privacy of users and online systems.

Security & Privacy

We need to allow better understanding of the contingencies that control the online behaviors, so this may contribute to the science of behavior analysis and the development of security and privacy controls that necessarily involve the understanding of human behavior to perceive, understand and act upon the risks and threats involved in these environments.

As much as the Internet is a virtual environment, the information produced by users in the virtual world can represent some data that is confidential, and that are only of user’s interest and privacy.


In the context of behavioral analysis, online security control mechanisms can be classified as an aversive stimulus that is part of the contingencies that control the behavior of Internet users.

Is essential that the interfaces between users and systems are designed so that security controls are applied automatically and transparently, because errors are minimized when the perception of the security needs of a user match the security controls provided by the systems.


Once connected to the Internet, users are increasingly accessing social network sites (SNSs) to exchange information in real time, producing numerous social episodes.

The online interactions affect users’ lives in the “real world”

The great mass of online users fosters consequences that easily exceed the total of the consequences that could be produced if the members acted separately, disconnected from each other.

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An experimental analysis: The effects of security controls on human behavior in online social media

The effects of security controls on human behavior in online social networks

Risk Analyses for Security Investment in Information Technology

Some Presentations at:

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